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We're talking about everything important in the era of technology ...

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LazyBrain | Technology Talks

We learn and enhance existing knowledge and share the experience with our stakeholders. Let's make the impact with us ...

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Code AI

Team-based programming competition that combines creativity ...

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We believe that open source is good for everyone and being open and freely available, it enables and encourages collaboration to solve real world problems and build better future for all.

Always free

We are a non-profit organisation with no membership fee.

Value for everyone

Our goal is to improve digital intelligence and build value for everyone.

Come work with us

We’re always looking for curious and talented people.

LazyBrain Digital Intelligence
Our community is a forum where people who care about the algorithmic literacy and technology in general come to discuss.
We're here to help each other to share knowledge and experience and build the better future for all.
Exploring with Community

It's easy to get started in Artificial Intelligence.
We are constantly looking for a new solutuins in collaboration with our partners.

Innovating with Partners

LazyBrain is a kind of playground for creative and curious people who with their particularity contribute to the observation of all kinds of problems from several different perspectives.

Sharing with You

The ultimative purpose of our Initiative is to share knowledge with people interested in this topic.

ML & AI Research

Together with our partners, we initiate and assist research in the field of Artificial Intelligence


Our organization promotes open source cultures and invite everyone to participate in it.

22 December 2018
What is LazyBrain Initiative
Who we are and what is the most important for us.
How can we change the world around us and do more for ourselves by doing more for others.

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