LazyBrain, Master Plan 0.01

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"No one knows what the right algorithm is, but it gives us hope that if we can discover some crude approximation of whatever this algorithm is and implement it on a computer, that can help us make a lot of progress."

What is LazyBrain?

LazyBrain is a non-profit organization for research, analyzing, evaluating and developing projects in the fields of Information & Cyber Security, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Our goal is to improve Digital Intelligence in a way that is most likely to benefit every student, professor, engineer, individual and even humanity in general.

Our partners are Educational Institutions, Enterprise companies, Startups and small companies, Associations of engineers, Teams of students, Committees of professors, individuals and all those who share the Goals and Values of our Organization.

What Do We Do

Our mission is to build and strengthen all parts of a successful digital and high-tech innovational and modular ecosystem that will be able, in a relatively short time, to transform the traditional approach to the education system and the bussiness development in the information technology sector.

Enthusiasts and individuals have the opportunity to acquire skills in the field of Digital Intelligence through our projects of Open Library and workshops that we organize in cooperation with our partners in the business and education sector.

We strive to provide adequate conditions for students, professors engineers and researchers to continuously improve, research and develop projects in the fields of Information & Cyber Securty, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence that have an impact and contribute to the intense development of Digital Intelligence and society in general.

In This Moment

We are working on our strategic and executive plans regarding the internal and external organization, defining and development of projects related to education, research and development in the field of Information & Cyber Security, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Our current focus is training and education of people and teams and setting up a mindset that is capable to understand, analyze, evaluate and implement a solution starting from the problem to its exploitation.
We are working on real-world problems and norturing a culture of problem solving.

If you share our goals or if you are interested in supporting our work like individual, company or institution, be free to contact us, we are always open for new suggestions and ideas.

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