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"It is that simple, we are just people with passion for computers and the thought that we can make an impact. And I strongly believe that we will do it! "

Nikola Jokic, About

Hey everyone, I am Nikola and I am Chief of Ethical Hacking and Information Security in Lazy Brain . I am really fascinated with computer science and the area that interests me the most is hacking. For me, hacking is like having the super power to do things others can not do, like escalating privileges on the computer system. The biggest fun I have when competing with other developers and security engineers to find mistakes in their appliccations.

I am kind of a man that do not work on things in 'kind a' fashion. Recursion, I know.
If I love doing something, I will do it a lot with a great passion and smile and believing I wil be the best in that industry.
Sounds crazy, right?

But I enjoy in every moment of learning, doing and talking about it. I also play basketball and currently I am part of one team from Sabac, the town I was born in. The league we are playing in is a semi professional one, and because I do not have time to train I just play in matches . In my spare time, I like watching movies but also, this will maybe sound weird, I like learning things, especially about hacking related topics. I truly believe in the quote "Do what you love, and you will never work another day in your life". Hacking, beside the programming, is the thing I am passionate about.

Education & Interests

The downside for everyone willing to have a career in this field is that there is nothing on University of Belgrade that covers this so all I have learned and am still learning is from the Internet and the other resources I could find apart from the faculty.
On one hand, I believe that our education system is bad and has not been upgraded for a very long time so education nowdays is mainly just about the reference and diploma, not practical knowledge.
On the other hand, of course, the faculty is a place where one can meet a lot of people and make valuable connections but if you are not working apart from faculty subjects, you will be average and that is the least thing I want to be.

Artificial Intelligence is the second thing that fascinates me. I strongly believe that it is really important that we understand the benefits that it can give us. It can be used to replace manual jobs and jobs that does not need intuition and other personal traits that humans have and machine lacks. In that way every person on this planet can do creative job and live easier and therefor more enjoyably.

Think about it!


I want to point out my belief that even one person is enough to change the world or make an impact. For all those of you who do not know Jobs' quote, let me quote him one more time - "If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito". This was from Dalai Lama if you are curious.

For the end, I owe you the explanation why I choose the Lazy Brain and why they choose me too. Lazy is the organization that has a great group of young, hard working and talented people which are also good as persons also. What was really important for when choosing is that they want to give feedback, help and teach each other.

I think they choose me because I love for computer science with emphasis on security and my will to really work on it. It is that simple, we are just people with passion for computers and the thought that we can make an impact. And I strongly believe that we will do it!

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